Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kaki Lang

As I grow older, I feel an increasing need to keep the good friends I have.
But... Less and less interest in making new ones (not very good).

Half way through the year, I realised I broke up with a few friends, and have made none the new.
It's not a good way to make this year "GOOD".

They say (they means I hahah), a good way to evaluate your social life is to see if there would be anyone you could gladly (and easily!) pick to be your best man/bridesmaid. Not out of obligation or desperation, but out of honour, happiness and pride.

Ashamed to admit, just 2 years ago. I had nobody in mind.
Or rather, nobody I knew who would do me that honour.

It's not easy meeting new people/putting yourself out there. After all, in all honesty, what can other people offer you at this day and age? I no longer yearn to fit into society because well, I'm 23-- and I know what I want, or what I don't want, what I like and what I dislike. These days, it's a lot of "well if you don't like me, then... too bad?" attitude going round my aura.

Not good. Too negative.

So in addition to Project Happy, I think I will be needing to add a little bit more... Something like a.. subsidiary of the project. Uhm, it is at the end of the day to get me happier? Or.. help me feel happier? Okay, whatever.

I will make 5 NEW! friends this year!
5 new people that I will be able to hang out with.

It shall be called....
Project Kaki Lang.

D also has a somewhat similar project going on. His is called Project EntouragE. Yes with capital E. I don't know why also, don't ask me.


I'm not a very nice person all the time, so it will be quite tough. But I think it's absolutely necessary. Otherwise.. my friend-circle is going to keep shrinking and shrinking! :( And I will be all alone and die a lonely person with 99 cats (omg I hate cats!!), and a dusty old house because I also hate cleaning.

Ugh, to be honest, I also kinda hate making new friends.
Mostly because of the rejection I will inevitably face.



彥安 said...
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Joanne, Zuo-en said...

alone with 99 cats! that's my back up plan :) you can live next to me if that happens. and we'll sit on the porch and talk about the good ol'days..

Mars O said...

Good idea! I think I've become the same way. Maybe it's just age? I have to make new friends, I'm leaving the country=(

keShia* said...

jojo: HEHE! in that case, i'll get 99 dogs then at least we'll have entertainment! yes, the good ol days. THEN WE BETTER LIVE IT UP STYLE so that we HAVE smth to talk about next time! :D

mars o: yes, maybe it IS age :( leaving the country eh! ALL THE MORE you gotta make more friends, back home AND in the new place :)

Mel O said...

I feel the same way too! I can't even die a lonely person with 99 cats (or dogs) cz... well I don't adore pets in general *bang head*

keShia* said...

mel you can stay next to us, and help us take care of 99 cats and 99 dogs :D hehehehehe then all 3 of us can talk about good ol days kekekeke