Friday, June 18, 2010


Something probably to do with gender, but in this year specific, I have found myself to be less tolerant for ambiguity.

It's not so much a surprise that I've managed to shock myself at the notion that I may be somewhat of a control freak,  but this may easily be mistaken for being bratty. Wanting things to go my way, and in no other way. Lest I lose my mind and get veeeeeery uncomfortable.

I like things to be pre-planned. Everything preempted. Everything to go as according to schedule. Especially when I make the schedules.

I don't particularly like surprises (don't split hairs, romantic surprises are not counted-- I hardly get them anyway)... and I don't particularly like last minute change in plans.

If I'm not warned of who I'm about to meet, I will NOT meet the person. Weird, I know. What, you think being friendly to strangers is an innate value in most people? You are wrong. I'm a meanie! In the same way, I'm not too fond of "OMG! Lets just drive up to Penang now!" trips.

I'm a pain in the arse to go for a holiday with because in no way am I comfortable or happy with "let's see how the day goes". To me, the day is only limited to the waking hours of our lives, and the working hours of other people's lives, so let's not waste time and "see how the day goes" okay?

It's all made worse when somehow *I* become planner and nobody wants to do what *they* made me plan out! Frustrates me to no end! Of course, on the other hand.. I would never force anybody to do what they don't want-- Just so we're clear *defensive.

Back to the point,
I believe in a beginning and an ending. With important things, anyway (I'm a very forgetful person and will forget to turn off lights and fans/ switches and plug etc). What's started should be finished-- Even better with a bowed ribbon, if you ask me.

Every argument should end with a sorry,
Every kiss should (start and) end with eyes closed,
Every handshake should end with a smile,
Every t crossed, and every i dotted,
Every door closed, and every car parked.

I live for stability.
We work through our whole lives in times of uncertainty only to reach stability.

We work hard in tough economies to ensure financial stability
We work hard in relationships with our boy/girlfriends to reach marriage
We work hard in keeping balance in every step we take until we get to bed
We work hard in dressing up that we may look good the rest of the day
We work hard in doing our laundry correctly that we may preserve the quality

See? Stability is key.

Any of you out there who's psycho like me? :(


ipxica said...

btw. everyone out there is psycho like you. more and more people are looking for stability. fewer and fewer are finding it.

keShia* said...

i feel better :D more psycho people = me: normal.

ipxica said...

More psycho people only makes you normal if they're the same kind of psycho as you.

If you crave order and stability here's a fun personality test which lumps people into neat little categories: