Monday, July 12, 2010

Down for the COUNT.

I damaged my ankle pretty badly in the past weekend, and the doctor has told me that if I don't rest it enough anytime soon, it will eventually become a long term problem.

So yeah, I'm on forced down time this week today.

All this physical pain, heartache, stress and mental strains have taken it's toll on me and I am now just physically sick all round. I have a hacking cough that refuses to let me sleep, a blocked nose that refuses to let me taste, and finally a nagging pain in my ankle that's reached up to the back of my knee.

Oh yes, must not leave the puffy eyes that has made my vision SO impaired wtf.

I am in dire need of TLC.
But it looks like I'll have to hack it out on my own this time.

Here's to being strong again.


daniel said...

get well soon sayang!

keShia* said...

thank you :))