Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The rare malay poem that speaks volumes.


Disaat kamu ingin melepaskan seseorang
ingatlah pada saat kamu ingin mendapatkannya

Disaat kamu mulai tidak mencintainya
ingatlah saat pertama kamu jatuh cinta padanya

Disaat kamu mulai bosan dengannya
ingatlah selalu saat terindah bersamanya

Disaat kamu ingin menduakannya
bayangkan jika dia selalu setia

Saat kamu ingin membohonginya
ingatlah disaat dia jujur padamu

Maka kamu akan merasakan arti dia untukmu
Jangan sampai disaat dia sudah tidak disisimu,
Kamu baru menyadari semua arti dirinya untukmu

Yang indah hanya sementara
Yang abadi adalah kenangan
Yang ikhlas hanya dari hati
Yang tulus hanya dari sanubari

Tidak mudah mencari yang hilang
Tidak mudah mengejar impian

Tak ada yang tak bisa di ikhlaskan
Tak ada sakit hati yang tak bisa dimaafkan
Tak ada dendam yang tak bisa terhapus.


Google translator isn't always very good, so for those of you who comprehend not the Malay language, let me offer you my meager amount of Malay language translation skills hehe. For easy reference sake.. I'm just going to assume that this poem was written by a girl because I hardly think that a man could be THIS sensitive hahaha :)

The moment you want to let go of that someone
Think back of the times when you wanted him

The moment you feel you're falling out of love with him
Think of that time you fell in love with him

The moment you start to get bored with him
Think of how he is at his finest hour

The moment you think about cheating on him
Think of the times he was honest with you

Then you will know what he means to you
Don't wait till when he's not by your side anymore
To realise then what he really means to you.

The beautiful is but momentary
The eternal is but a memory
Vulnerability-- from the heart,
The honesty from the inner most being

It's not easy to find back what is lost
Not easy to chase dreams

There's nothing that the truth can't heal
There's no wrongdoing that cannot be forgiven
There's no resentment that cannot be forgotten


Still not as awesome as it is in Malay

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