Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Notre Dame

This movie is not very popular, even though it's considered all things Disney.
Esmeralda isn't exactly one of the more popular Disney "Princesses" (well, she's not a princess so maybe that's why hmmm)

But this show has one of the most touching songs Disney could ever show! While all other princesses sing about themselves and what they want, Esmeralda sings for her beloved people :)


Oh and I reserve a soft spot for this movie cos it's all French and stuff.
I would like to think I'm actually European.
Just stuck in this Chinese body.

Ah well.
Cest La Vie.


Shawn Loong said...

why you no tell me you have new blog?

keShia* said...

I DID! :)

Shawn Loong said...

lol I don't remember...