Thursday, August 19, 2010

Terribly Bothered

My PMS might have kicked in a week too late.
So gross, this feeling.

I feel like strangling someone!
Not only that, ram my car into theirs (I'm imagining my car to be built of REAL steel) and make them cry!

Cry like a big fat baby!

Because fat babies ALWAYS cry!
I don't know why.
So annoying!!!!!
Especially those on the plane.
Holy crap-- those that cry on the plane need to be thrown off the escape hatch or something. No, there are no escape hatches in planes, I'm not dumb. It just sounds cool. What I really mean is: flush them down the extra suck-powered flush in the cramped toilets. YES, that's what I mean.

Where do parents get off  bringing their children on board, anyway?! There should be a rule! No kids under the age of 3 should be allowed on the plane. I'm assuming that children 3 years of age are able to rationalize with their parents. AKA: Bribed. Easily bribed. Like the police force in my country.

Yes. Give them lollies.
Laced with sleeping powder, of course.
To the kids, I mean. Not the cops!
The cops wouldn't know what to do with lollies laced with sleeping powder.
They may use it for other unscrupulous activities... like... giving it to children... and... having their way with them.... I think.

Lollies laced with sleeping powder. Hah!
Sleep-- pffbt what a waste of time.
Yet I won't do without it.
There are days when I just don't want to get out of  bed.

Mostly because I don't want to see certain faces anymore.
I'm sick and tired of facing that same annoying dried up stern face everyday!

Yes, I've finally got to the root of my dissatisfaction-- my work environment.
Kills me to admit that although I love my job-- I absolutely despise my working environment.
Firstly-- it's crap. Crap like how? Crap like squeaky unstable stair steps that cause ankle twisting crap.
Secondly-- Smoke. I. HATE. SMOKE.
Thirdly-- I have no friends! I have a boss. And I have clients. BOTH are the enemy, btw

Wow, I've just found my deeper level of dissatisfaction!
I have no friends in the workplace.
Really guys, FML.
I can never hit a home run.

I may have amazing colleagues, but work in a corporation with absolutely no moral values or civic consciousness. Then I may have an amazing job but have absolutely no friends.

I have to choose between the deep blue sea, or a really hard place.

Kill me.
I just belong in a university-- studying like a student.
I'd give my car, my income and my financial freedom for a balanced lifestyle.

Yes, the key word.

Freudian banter, this is.


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