Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Elusive

In school we once did a short study (reading, surveys, tutorial discussions) on the differences between genders, when it comes to needs in the relationship. The naive me back then thought that, "No, these studies are so wrong! Even if they are not wrong, they are not reflective of the Asian population!"

Anyhow, omitting nitty gritty details like researcher's name, publisher, and the title of the darn study, this was what was concluded at the end of the study: That men go for younger, more fertile women because their innate need is to propagate (will elaborate on this another time). Where else women go for men who are able to give a feeling of security.

The study basically sums up the question on what women want.
And... Women want money! But in our defense, we go slightly deeper than that. We scurry about looking for money because we want to attain security for our offspring. If not our offspring, for ourselves that we may be of value in the near future so that we may be ABLE to have offspring (in order to catch a man dead in his tracks and trap him into marriage [or child support haha]). Okay, cut the crap-- in a nutshell, women want to be provided for.

But let me put it to you this way-- Women want/need the 3Ps.

Protection-- Yes, yes. Barbarically speaking-- we'd like to have big strong men to fling their arms around us to protect us from harm. Who are we kidding? However strong we may seem to be on the outside, when we go home and reflect on the shit day we just had? Sometimes we want to cry. Sometimes with company. And sometimes; to have someone to tell us it's alright. Not just anyone-- someone who knows, have done it, and have overcome it. Some women would like for a man to hold up her honour, stand up for her dignity, because a woman who has to do it for herself is well, believable... But why should we need a man to protect us anyway? Well because it really is just easier for men to fight their own kind. Undeniable, men are physically stronger than women; and so it's only logic to have the stronger to protect the weak (if not, prey the weak).

Provision-- Kaching. The munnies. In this day and age, we cannot live without money. Provision is, of course; relative. I may earn a good healthy income, but I may still need a man to provide me the things I need. And needs are also relative. Some women earn lots and have no need for financial provision so they may just need sexual gratification (sex is a need, btwfyi411). But I guess the provision I'm principally talking about is money. In the community that surrounds me, I know not of any woman who is content with the idea of being the sole bread winner of the family (this excludes a woman who continues working after her husband has retired). I know I would not like to have a bum of a husband who won't try to be the bread winner of the family! It's not counted if he can't help it (duh)-- like if his business has gone down the gutter or if recession's hit so badly that nobody seems to be able to hold down a job these days. I mean "hard working corporate professional woman vs slob". So it is awesome to have a man say, "Here, baby-- let me get this shopping bill for you ;)" FOR SURE heesa gonn' get lucky tonight!

Profession-- No, not the nature of vocation of your man. But the profession that comes from his lips. A woman needs to hear adoration and confessions of longing from her man! Primitive? Yes. Old? No. It never gets old to hear from my man that I look gorgeous (reality or not is totally irrelevant haha). As much we women sometimes know that what these men say are untrue, you cannot deny the giddy elation that slowly seeps in! Yes, I admit, it also has to come from men whom you deem to be attractive (because a weirdo coming up to you telling you that you look amazing is kinda creepy); but he still professed adoration, and you still feel elated. Oh, and I saw on telly a woman say, "That oaf? He's my husband. And the fact that he's making a fool out of himself for me will get him titties tonight!" Crude, yes. True? Definitely :D

So yea, it's not that hard. Women only want the 3Ps. Pffbt, cmon :)
That's it, really.

I don't represent the homosesxuals, the cougars, nor the feminists. These thoughts are merely my own, and (I think I dare say) my community. 



Shawn Loong said...

Shocking? No. Eye opener? Yes. Constant reminder every guy needs. Very nicely written Keshia! Me likey alot alot! :D

k e s h i a said...

aww thanks shawn. not as eloquent as i had hoped for it to be, though ugh. have been working on how to say it for 3 days!