Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Darn You!

It's true. I believe in retrospect (even up till now) I have never been more materialistic in my life!

I always desire new shiny things (maybe because I am a girl, hmm), and am hardly ever content with my ever (exponentially) growing wardrobe! More dresses! More shoes! More bling! More bags! More bangles (OH I LOVE BANGLES IT'S AN OBSESSION)! More! More!

Because once you see that skinny girl wearing that amazing dress, you get a delusional sense of confidence to think-- HEY, that's kinda affordable, and who's to say I can't rock that dress better than that skinny bitch?! Hahaha, I said it, but you THOUGHT it.. hee.

Not just fashion (I am not the biggest prey for the fashion industry), but when I see things that I don't have-- I instantly want it. Especially make up. "OH! I don't have that shade of lipstick!" or worse "I think I need green eyeshadow in my collection hmmm".

Don't even get me started on Apple's marketing scheme. I HATE THEIR MARKETING STRATEGY-- It's unethical but yet all their fanboys still loooooooooove it.

Okay whatevs. I've digressed.

I want many things. Many SHINY things.
Dear me, I've even developed an eye for diamonds.
Kill me now lest I steal your money to buy some bling!

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