Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The result of an oily face... SO oily that a little bit of that oil accidentally entered my tear ducts, rendering me with lousy vision... is this:

A fresh new layout.

First, I had accidentally removed my header image! I panicked and started frantically searching for something, anything, if not the same thing to be put up. I did recover the picture (hidden in a file, hidden in another file! Pfah!), but when I wanted to reattach it, I hesitated.

This was when I found out that Blogger has this whole new amazing auto-design thing for your template! It's quite amazing! Mmm, less room for HTML, but still quite flexible although it does limit you to doing only specific things of which they allow you to alter (eg: width, widgets, backgrounds, text colours etc). They do not however allow you to determine the width of your text area... which is why my text area is incredibly wide right now, and your eyeballs are probably going to feel like it's watching a tennis game with all this dramatic "left right left right" action it has to get up on.

Slid out some old and current pictures, slapped them together to make a header like my blogdrive days, and realised that I'm pretty happy when I see happy pictures. It's also pretty surprising how many happy pictures I've got! Mostly of food and flowers, but hey whatever :) Do you like the new header? :) Do you like the background? I did it a long time ago (when I was in the UK studying for my finals haha) for this exact purpose, but blogger those days didn't allow for personal pictures to be put as a background. Now that it does, I foraged around my computer for the image (took me 20 minutes, thank you) to be put up! :) And I cannot be happier that it looks exactly the way I want it to!! Nevermind that it's not seamless, sigh.

Photoshop was my best friend in cold-damp London.

So--- happy pictures, hopefully happier posts :)
It's 2 am but I've not felt this accomplished in a long time!