Friday, October 15, 2010

The French Manicure

I love the French manicure.
Too bad it's so damn expensive!

The single most versatile yet elegant topping to frost the tips of your fingers is not easy to apply, I suppose. I've tried many times, but my lousy finish with scuffs and uneven lines are testament to my wobbly and shaky hands.

Why THE pink base with a white tip?

Being called a French manicure, I thought it was invented by the French! Mmm, them and their asphyxiation with quality and top notch trimmings led me to believe that it was possibly more desirable for them (and in their culture) to have the 'perfect' finger nails.

The pink base is flesh toned, of course, in a tone that looks much healthier and appealing than our own, and the white tip would signify a really thick and healthy nail. Unlike mine, mostly thinned and ridged-- looking not more different than a baking sheet (sigh).

Anyway, up in the wee hours of the morning, I decided to research Google a bit on the topic.

Apparently, Jeff Pink (*click)was the one who created the French manicure (not the French! gasp*) and he was (is?) the big shot of a very well known nail enamel company known as ORLY. From design concept to colour scheme, (apparently) this man came up with it all!

“The idea of the French manicure look came to me while I was starting ORLY back in 1975. Movie and television directors wanted a versatile nail style to compliment a Hollywood star’s entire onset wardrobe. They were looking for a singular look that would coordinate with the numerous wardrobe changes actresses had to make in one day. Once I started having the movie star stylists paint the nails with a white tip and a sheer, the celebrities loved it! I realized the most elegant, universal nail look is a natural nail look”.

—Jeff Pink
    ORLY Founder, CEO, President

Loooooong story cut short, here's my twist on the French manicure!!
I love my sparkly glowy things, and so it's reflected here on Jeff Pink's original design.

If he is dead he may very well be rolling around in his grave for such debauchary! Heehee. Whatevs

I love mah glitterz!


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