Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Sayang

I've been saving this picture for your birthday post :)

To the one dearest in my heart,
I know this post is late, but it has to go down officially anyway :)

Happy 23rd birthday!

Here is a short (very short) list of why I love you:

You love the strangest thing (this does not exclude me),
You dislike some of the finer things in life (more for me hehe!),
You cling on to small momentos,
You love the crazy out of me,
You bring out the best in everyone,
You are an amazing person,
You are my best friend,
You are my confidante,
You are my support (and sometimes immune hehe) system,
and most of all... you are my sayang

I'm super glad that this year we get to celebrate your birthday together! <3

May this 23rd year of your life bring you great joy, impending success, greater experiences, and better opportunities!

I love you!!

1 comment:

daniel said...

Thanks for the wonderful birthday assie :) I had a lot of fun!

See you real soon ok!