Friday, December 24, 2010

Granma's Birthday :)

It's by God's grace and mercy that we are able to celebrate my grandmother's birthday :)
She grows more beautiful with every passing year, aging but making it look like it's a breeze!
Can you believe that she's 72???

I only wish I could look half as good as her when (or IF) I reach her age! :)

We celebrate every year, so these are this year's pictures.
Super belated cos her birthday was on the 11th of September :S
But I've been busy. Better late than never.

As she grows older, I am taking every opportunity to capture every moment I can.
She'll always, and forever more be my inspiration, my tower and the one I love the most in the family.

Popo's 2nd daughter

Husband, children, god-children, and grandchildren

Turns out, D has alot to talk about with my Grampa! They both love Rolleiflexes! :D

The Grands

Our very under-aged server for the night! :/

Triple boiled chicken soup. YUM.

Sayang <3

Do we look alike? :)

Singing my favorite song, "Tian Mi Mi"!!!


Cutting the Chantilly cake :D


Why isn't everybody in the family photo >:(
Happy Birthday Popo <3

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Anonymous said...

looks like lots of fun ;)