Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Abby and Yumi
Over the weekend, I learnt from scratch through online tutorials and videos (#1 and #2) , as well as with some guidance from my Japanese aunty; on how to wear a Yukata. *click!

I practiced on myself, my mom, and finally when the day came (today) to put it on the models for the event, it didn't go as well as I planned it to. The cloth was not as well flattened as it should be, the girls had to move and stand and sit (which made the Yukata go out of shape quickly), and well... mainly it was due to the pressure that I was facing (tying the Yukatas for the girls for our Japanese clients!) I couldn't tie it as tightly/neatly as I should have.

Although so, I made sure to keep all the little little rules that came with wearing a Yukata-- eg: the little droop at the nape to show some skin, left breast piece over right breast piece (thanks to the coined term of "left over rice" as in "left over right") because right over left were for the deceased, wearing the special socks correctly, tying their hair up in a bun, no jewelry, etc etc :)

But all in all, after the 2nd try on both girls, the Yukata stayed on pretty well (lasted the whole night!) and they didn't droop. No blasphemous cross-overs and odd pieces of cloth sticking out from places that weren't supposed to be seen etc. I'm purdy proud of what I've accomplished in such a short span of time :)

Japanese ladies would scoff at my handy work. So sloppy and messy!
But thank goodness I only need to tie these once.

I have more pictures, maybe I'll share :)
Hugs to my few readers :D


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wooow; they're beautiful