Friday, December 17, 2010

That Moment


I know it's belated, but just today while I was sitting at the tables at lunch waiting for you to order, just after I finished fiddling with my phone, getting all the blinking LEDs to stop blinking so I can concentrate on you when we were together.

I turned back toward my right and saw you standing at the counter. You were you, just standing at a counter like any other day, but today I saw you with new eyes. You wore a white shirt with the kind of tie I don't like. Your posture was upright, you stood well. You looked good.


You're still the guy I fell in love with 4 years ago, the guy I grew up with, the guy I shared everything with, the guy I fought and hated and loved at the same time, the guy who wiped my tears and bought me gingerbread men, the guy who knew just how much I can't take coffee, the guy who understands my needs to hug MY PILLOW every night, the guy who almost always gives in to my whims and fancy, and the guy who looks at me in a way nobody else does or ever will.

But when I saw you today-- standing at the counter. Just standing at the counter, nothing new nor special. I saw that you were my man. My working, grown up man. We were young when we started, but now that we're older, hopefully and presumably wiser.. I find that I  love you. Immensely.

Even more than when we first started, even more than I thought I would/could, and more than you think.

Thank you for always being my love and my friend.
I'll love you till the end.

Happy 52nd <3


Mel O said...

Awww I almost cried when I read this.

Beautifully written, darling !

You two are the best cutely weirdly loving couple, ever! Hehehe.

Get married fast already I wanna be a bridesmaid *siok sendiri :P

becci said...

really really cute :))

be happy that you found someone you can love