Thursday, January 13, 2011


From now and forever more, I will regard the English Rose as a lesser flower to the Chinese Peony. While the English Rose has been the floral symbol of eternal, deep and dedicative love, the Chinese Peony has been long under-rated as a bloom of the elite.

Compared to the rose, the peony is soft, gentle, tender and fluttery. The rose, while being a symbol of love, is also a twisted symbol of strength; and in different colours, hold different regard. Overrated and popular, the rose's petals are thick, although velvetty, are also callous and clumsy compared to the petals of the peony.

I admit, as a Chinese, I did not think very highly of this flower because I grew up with images of painted peonies everywhere. They were all drawn and imaginated as fully bloomed, a 'good' sign of prosperity and oomph, adding supposed brightness and cheer into homes through paintings on canvas and on porcelain.

Like the English Rose, the fully bloomed Chinese Peony is not the prettiest sight to behold. Its rough and almost vulgar petal openings leave much to be desired. The revealing of yellow-hearts and pollen-middle of the flower shouts "COME HITHER" much like a whore asking for business. Yuergh.

No, no. Flowers are not to be remembered that way, but sadly.. the Chinese Peony has. For centuries, at that.
What a shame.

And with new revelation into the true beauty and potential of the Chinese Peony (no thanks to Chinese art illustrators), I present to you my new favorite flower:

Partially bloomed Peonies :)

Naturally blushing in joy, the Chinese Peony speaks poise, beauty, romance and tender love. In ways so much louder than the English Rose can ever try, the Chinese Peony will be my choice of flowers for my future wedding, decorations, and inspiration :)

What's your favourite flower?

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