Friday, January 21, 2011


Thinking (but more like holding it in) about how best to tell people to "SHUT UP YOU LOOK RETARDED YOU'RE MAKING A FOOL OF YOURSELF!!!" in the nicest way possible. Turning a negative into a positive. Without lying. Or bending the truth. So I suppose, just avoid the question and give them B while they asked for A. The tricky part is making them believe they're getting the A that they asked for, when in fact you really gave them B.


I guess I'm even thinking because I somewhat care. If I didn't, I'd enjoy the show.

But how do you tell talentless people that they don't have talent?
How do you tell the person straight in the face after knowing that they try so hard!
This Christian "build people up" thing always creeps into mind when giving a response to "How did I do?", but in all honesty, it can easily be leading them on.

Truth: No... your singing was kinda unbearable. In fact, it was SO bad, we had to keep our laughter stifled. It was SO BAD, my friend had to plug her ears saying "AAAAAHHHH"
 Response: Yeaaa... it was okay. I didn't hear much of it, but don't worry! If you liked it then what's the problem?
Truth: No... your show was pretty bad, you actually look... retarded? Sorry. Truth. What's wrong with you? Were you trying to copy an ACTUAL PERSON WITH ADD? Fail.
Response: LOL.. it was funny.
True stories btw.

Cannot right?!!
Never mind. Honesty may be the best policy but silence is golden.
Lucky not my students. Not that I have any.. but if I did, they'd be awesome.
Just sayin'


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