Wednesday, January 19, 2011

As usual, it's 2am and I find myself unable to fall asleep due to the tea I accidentally ingested during dinner. Chinese tea, but still tea. I hate my system for reacting to caffeine like this. Even cough meds won't do be any good now.

I wrote a long 'thoughtful' post but then I deleted it because I'm not sure if I wanted to let people actually read what's inside my head heh.

So in replacement, here's a picture of something cute


It's gonna be the year of the rabbit! :D
Our turn in the Chinese zodiac cycle, and uhm, yea.
Rabbits are cute.
They are also very horny (hence the term "f*ck like bunnies"), but they are cute so it fixes everything! And when there are thousands of little bunnies that start humping non-stop and you get frustrated, their CUTE little bunnies that ensue will in turn make everything better! It's a strange and volatile cycle. You also kind of want to eat them but you don't because they're pets, and people don't usually eat pets unless they're heartless, and only Kanye West sings about heartless people, and he's one of them because he cut Taylor Swift off in the middle of her speech sayin' "Imma let you finish"-- and the word "finish" also has the word "fish" in it, and he was known (for a while) as "gay fish sticks". That was kinda funny. HE ALSO TYPES IN CAPS LOCK LIKE HE'S YELLING. Rude much.

I digressed. Rabbits are cute as hell.

But I was once referred to as a hare.

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