Sunday, February 13, 2011

In a Nutshell

Busy! :(
I miss the entertainment side of the internet.

  1. Got a new job! Hence the MIA-ness on facebook and wtv else during sane hours.
  2. It's a research position-- hence missing the entertainment side of the internet.
  3. New best friends: Google, WSJ, BBC, Bloomberg, CNN, and most of all-- Microsoft Outlook.
  4. Grown fatter-- all work clothes are tight as hell. Need to walk more.
  5. Work shoes have disintegrated without telling me-- Not that shoes can talk. I just didn't know the effects of negligence :( Need to buy new shoes, but the ones I have are still "kinda new", just... in pieces now :\
  6. Singing voice: I've suddenly been able to sing in higher notes. Don't know why. But this I do know: When I'm heavier (as in weight, like fat), my singing voice is super on form. My face however-- is not.
  7. I miss my friends :(
Ok no more time! Bye!

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