Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stop, Look and Listen

That popular Elvis song :)

I read a line that says, "I'm always anxious that I'm not living my life to the fullest"
Does that ring true for you? I can't really say I've lived my life to the fullest, but I can't say my life is the worst either. In search for happiness, one can so easily lose track. I easily lose track. It's extremely easy to slide into the tick tock of routine. Get up at 6am everyday, get ready, put my face on, drive to work, slog it out mentally, and go home.

Repeat for the rest of my life.

But I believe that while in routine we all can still live in a way that is full of joy, life and vigour. It's not possible to live without structure, or at least we may not live well with none. After all, God made the day and night to govern our lives so that we know that there is a time for everything, not just an eternity of limbo-- not knowing what exactly it is time for.

While last year I was seeking so hard for happiness, and am sad to report that I did not exactly find what I was looking for... this year I hope to strike a balance between life (and all it's mundane tick tock), and joy. Chasing for something so extreme, so quickly was foolish, I suppose (but only in retrospect haha).

So far, I am learning to be patient in waiting for the things that I want. Praying hard for God to be my desire so that all good things will be mine. Learning to be a better person, and learning what it really means to love one another. It's harder than you think. Surprisingly. Or not.

Only the second month into the year, but it's already approaching the third.
Where does time go?!

I'm 24 this year. I had imagined so much for myself when I was younger... but now that I am here, now that I am 24, I still fall short (very short) of all the things I thought I would be.

I envisioned myself to be engaged, having a solid career by now (har har), and to be at the top of my fitness level, and others that aren't worth mentioning (like, having long long hair and really nice shoes pffbt)

ALL of which I am not!

So, this year.. I need to redirect myself.
And just be comfortable with who I am, not being worried about what others (and myself) expect me to be by now. Age is just... a number. Most definitely not necessarily a cornerstone of sorts.


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senbonzakura said...

go and read ecclesiastes. you sound like the author of it. :) all the best ya. remember READ then STUDY it.