Sunday, April 10, 2011

Girly Girls...


They're sickening and fake.
There are some very genuinely sweet, demure and gentle girls out there who don't try hard at being who they are and I love them for it. I even respect them!

Tonight, staying up into the late hours of night, I look through some facebook photo albums, and I come across these girls. Friends, somewhat. More like, I just know them.

But UGH omg, I knew these girls way back when (we were better friends then), and they were NOT these flowery, falsetto singing, constantly-smiling, princessy people! They were down to earth, real and authentic! What happened?? Did they fall off the fairy tale tree and hit every branch on the way down? Unbelievable!

They literally float when they walk. As in, their hands are mid air (MID AIR!!!), and head tilted to one side, and truly believe they are DEMURE.

Like this. But not even half as demure in real life. Or as pretty, while I'm at it.

Demure... like the olden day woman. AH YES WOMEN!

As in, women from the book "Little Women". They talk about dreamy walks in the park, holding hands, picnics, apple pie, running in the rain, dancing the salsa (oooooo, original! -_-), trying to make "sweet sexy" into a reality and oh, I don't know... love at first sight? They sit around, eat crepes, desert, tea with scones and clotted cream and talk about how they're holding out for that ONE TRUE man who will never hurt them, never lie, never swear, never lust, never make them cry but cry themselves, never fall, and ALWAYS romantic.

Well. Firstly, delusional much?
If you can find a man like that, please let me know. I'd like to meet him. And possibly run experiments on him.

Their idea of dangerous is having a glass of wine and saying the word "shit".
The very notion of kissing is sin, and that their FIRST KISS should be at their alter.
The thought of even a playful ass smacking is forbidden and
All physical touch must be left to their wedding night's bed.

Secondly, on which planet do these girls come from??
I get it that their Godly, have standards and are very full of integrity. Great on them! I respect them for their love for God and their pre-set standards for men they choose to accept in their lives. My own man is exceptional himself, and I'm proud of who he is today through the grace of God.

Do they have to float on air and fart flowers?!

You can say that I'm jealous, but really, wait until you MEET one of these girls. Then tell me if I'm being jealous or just pointing out the obvious.

I have a nickname for these girls...
No, not "girly girls". Something more demure, since they're so sweet :P

"Crazy Bitches"


senbonzakura said...

lolz. i can only laugh. but yes you do sound jealous? how is malaysia btw.

keshia said...

haha was about to text you yesterday. miss you lah. faster come home can! msia is like that lah. hot. DURIAN SEASON heheh

senbonzakura said...

Hot is not good news man. Ystd 18C I walking without jacket and sweating d. >.<