Saturday, April 02, 2011

So Then I Took My Time.

Weekend is here.
Tmrw I travel back to my hometown to visit and clean the graves of ancestors I've never met before.
But that's okay, it's sort of respectful.
After all, without them, there is no me.

I look forward to sleeping.
But not so much the lying down and doing nothing.
But I like the sleeping experience.

Like I said, I need to figure out how to elongate or stretch the sleeping experience. Even with limited or unchanged hours. I think that sometimes, manipulated sleep of 4 hours can be just as rejuvenating as an 8 hour sleep. Or sometimes, 16 hours of sleep does no justice to 6 hour sleeps?

I'm close to finding something.
When I find it I'll tell you.


I dreamt something the other day.
The dream taught me something.
As in, it taught me a skill. The kind of skill that I don't know how to carry out in present life, but had a full tutorial in my dreams! But I've forgotten it now... Hmm...

I'm not kidding!! I learnt how to walk in high heels in my dreams.
For a really long time in my teenage years, walking in heels were a little bit daunting and uncomfortable. I had my knees bent slightly as I walked, making me look more like a duck (or like I had to pee), rather than elegant/sexy (or whatever it is people in heels are supposed to look like).

Friends were commentating that I'm not walking the right way and it looked weird, but I couldn't help it! I just couldn't walk in heels! Didn't help that every other girl was walkin in some sort of stilts and ME, the daughter of an ex model-- PSSSHHH! Can't walk in heels. I would have none of it.

Then one night, I dreamt about wearing them high heels (about 4 inches in those days), and the funny thing was, I was teaching MYSELF how to walk in them.

"Heels, then toes. Heels, then toes"

The next evening I was supposed to attend some church/Christian event in Stadium Bukit Jalil. I decided to wear 3 inch heels and put my new dreamt knowledge to the test.


And now, ladies and gentlemen, I can run in heels and do twirls PLUS DANCE in them.
Got it down pat, and to a tee!

So yeah. Sooner (rather than later) I'm going to dream up the solution to extending the sleep experience. My friends, I will soon be able to tell you how to make MOST out of your late nights-- what with your midnight toiling over books and/or the internet; working hard and all... hehe.

I'm getting close! I can feel it!


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