Monday, July 11, 2011

Political Passion

OH Hello!

Sorry been a little quiet.

So much has happened. Work, Politics, Rallies, Life..

Nothing you can't read on the news, really. I have just SO much to say, yet I scramble to find the right words to express it all. What happened on the 9th of July has renewed my faith and hope in my home country. I am now quite convinced that the biggest hurdle of the country is no longer racial instability-- but political instability.

You see, with racial instability, it's quite difficult to attack! Or rather, counter attack. With racial instability, roots are attacked and we're dealing with egos and things that cannot be seen.

However, if it's a problem of POLITICAL instability, that is easily overcome!

Show that your voice counts. VOTE! Tick that little box and vote for a government that you want to see bring "kemakmuran" to your home country. Vote for a government that is fair and just. Vote for a government that is righteous and have the people's concerns deep in their hearts.


DON'T vote for the government that is not going to bring Malaysia to higher economic growths. DON'T vote for a government who is partial and selfish. DON'T vote for the government that pockets money for themselves first, then leave the meager dirt money to "build the nation". DON'T vote for the government that can easily say that "Malaysia comes first, the Orang Aslis have to wait". Who on God's green/blue earth do they think they are to even have the balls to deny the true owners of this land their fair share of CHOICE?

I'm passionate about seeing my country change.

Many years ago, somebody prophesied that Malaysia will be on fire and will go through DRASTIC change for God and for righteousness. The time may be now. It may be 2 years from now. It may be next year!

Whenever that is, I'm hoping that I'll be here, here to cast my vote, here to pray, here to witness, and here to praise God for His infinte goodness and wisdom. Blessed are we to be able to see such a revolution. Blessed are we who live in THIS time. A time where marginalisation will not be a status quo. A time where WE can be THE difference!

These are exciting times! :)

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