Friday, June 10, 2011

Girly Girls... Pt 2

To understand my frustration better, here's Part 1 for your reference.

So I was looking through facebook, and I clicked through this girl's profile.
BAD CHOICE, because everything on there irked me!

Yes, according to the title, it's those girls again.
Yes, those girls.

Ya, ya, I'm sure they're very nice, but UGHHHHHH.

"omg you're so pwetty dearie"
"no i'm not, but thanks, i love you <3 what will i do without you"

"hey sistah* miss you!"
"hey babe, miss you too!"

"omg, you know *insert bimbo story here* sigh, i wish you were here!"
"yeah dearie, i'm so glad for you that you found the LOVE of your life. fairytales super do exist omg"

Alongside not being able to stand their... lesbo-straight love, it's pretty amusing. I'm glad my handful of girl friends are not so air headed and are more grounded. Granted, we act stupid just because we feel like it, and that's how our friendship works, but we're pretty much still more normal than those girls.

Saying words like "babe", "dearie" and "gurl" is so 2000 anyway.
I can hear Chee Woh think "She's jealous". Come at me bro. I'll take these girls on head to head and tell me who wins!



senbonzakura said...

wah. cepatnya my name appear. aiyo. jealous la you. but its ok. there there. we still love you ok.....dearie? hahahaha. i dont need you to take them head on for me to know that you will win. lol.

senbonzakura said...

btw hey sistah i miss you. :P

jw said...

LOL!! Like, omgosh sistah, I think you're totaly right! And I LOVE your blog, its so pretty : *goes on to rant about something bimbotic(like my bro)... *

hmmm... don't think im pulling it off.. haha