Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hair Obsession

Ever since my hair's been growing out, I've suddenly developed an interest in... styling it.
Here's a video that's super cute! And not to mention-- doable. Emphasis on "doable".

I've always had roll-out-of-bed hair, and never bothered to even use a comb because it usually falls into place quite naturally without any fuss. But these days, my hair has grown too long to just leave as is. It's finally down to my waist (unstraightened) and it is the longest it has ever been in my life! Pretty exciting! Although at the back of my mind I know I'm just waiting for the right time to CHOP IT ALL OFF!


In case you're interested (though I don't know why you would be), I use Dove's "Damage Therapy" shampoo, coupled with Clairol Herbal Essence's conditioner and topped off with Sunsilk's hair oil/serum. As you can see, I'm a brand whore. I use whatever I see on the shelves! Also not a believer in using one full/single range. Paranoid like that.

My hair ends are usually dry and kinda split, so I take extra care in making sure I complete all three steps every day. Yup, every day. Hyper oily scalp, I'm cursed :(

I've also started using a new conditioner that works way better than my older one. I'm really a hair noob, and so whatever I see on the bottle, I just assume it as truth and cross my fingers for favourable results. I've been using Clairol Herbal Essences' "Long Term Relationship" Conditioner because I have long hair (what a 'duh' thing to say haha!), but I found that my hair was still really frizzy and straw-like. But recently I decided to switch and use "None of Your Frizzness" and I reckon it's much better! It's a slightly weighty conditioner, so maybe that's why my frizz has slightly improved.

Happy-almost-frizz-free hair!

Anyway, I'm being diligent in getting my hair back into shape because I'm looking to colour it. It's been so long since I've done anything major to my tresses, so perhaps it's time :)

I want a bright colour. Really wanna do a purple this time.

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