Friday, November 16, 2012

With my Girlies

... except, I have none.

Biggest difference between a boy and a girl when you complain/vent to them

Boys: I hear you-- here's a solution
Girls: GASP, really? OMG tell me more, let's explore.

Being a girl myself, I have to say, I'm not interested in hearing solutions when all I really wanted in the first place was to vent.

I've always been a boys kind of girl. This does not mean I have many boyfriends and they all want to have my hand in marriage.

It really didn't seem like a problem to me in my younger years, having been surrounded mostly by guy friends who have dirty minds and equally dirty jokes. But now, I'm beginning to wonder why was it that I didn't have any good girl friends?

Afterall, don't all girls need a group of equally bitchy girls to vent out their issues and complaints? You know, just to hear "OMG, no, you're NOT crazy" and "*GASP!* What a bitch!"

I had a best friend all through my secondary school years. She was lovely. Emphasis being 'was'. And an additional emphasis on 'she was batshit crazy'. I was the naive one, always on the shorter end of the stick, all whilst I have her everything I had as a friend.

Long story short, she was the only close girl friend I had and the rest are all just.. non existent.

But even then and up till my wedding day, I thought I had enough female companions. Seeing that I had 6 bridesmaids (though two of which were my cousins). But it turns out, these girls aren't even that close to me (or I with them, whichever) in the first place. These whom I thought were the closest female compadres that I had, just ended up being female. Which is deeply disappointing-- and brings to light such embarrassing sentiments. Was I really the only one who thought they were close friends? Because with what's going on now (post wedding 4 months), they might as well NOT be in my life at all.

My maid of honour is another story. She's a trooper and I love her. So there, I have one close girl friend.

I know I sound bitter... but I just realised that I've been the only one trying to chase and lock down any semblance of a relationship with them. I have been the only one who bothers making any contact with them at all. I'm the only one who's cared enough to ask "what's going on?". ALL of which have failed tremendously. I get turned down, or ignored. WHAT THE FLYING F**K, GUYS GIRLS??

So from this lesson-- embarrassing  but thoroughly eye-opening, I have come to a conclusion that boys really do make better friends. They're low maintenance, mean what they say, and are much better solution givers than girls.

That's if... I want solutions.

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