Friday, November 08, 2013

My Week in Pictures

The week has zoomed by pretty quickly, thanks to the hump-day break!

Been digging more into this book lately. It's all satire, and I bet the writer was out to piss some Parisians off, but as a foreigner? I love it!

Tried a few things differently: Liner only on top a stronger brow towards the centre of my face.
 DANG my face is so round!

Dim Sum on hump day! Our regular place never disappoints :)

So camwhoring is really difficult with a touchscreen. There's no dedicated camera button, and I have no clue where the camera is aiming most times, so after several weird looking attempts (as you can see above) the result on the right was what I cough up with :)

Oh, I believe I have not formally introduced my two furkids officially yet :)

 Here's Bubu

Here's Dippy

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