Monday, December 30, 2013

Best Baby Names Ever

No, not preggers.

But D and I have been thinking of baby names.. Only so we're not so stressed out when we have a 9-month countdown in time to come.

I like that we're both more open to discussing a little person in our future.

I'm also glad that I'm not so freaked out by the notion anymore! Before this, even the thought of conceiving gave me such negative feelings. I don't think that'd be the ideal feeling to have when I find out I'm bloated with a parasite haha :)

So we picked out a name for a girl and boy.
No not telling.
Just in case someone steals it *shifty eyes*

D likes masculine names-- strong names for his boy. And I like meaningful names, geared toward the feminine side of a man. No nothing like Louie or Jamie or Ashley, I reckon. But yes we've settled on one and we're both happy with it!

So for the girl, I decided against going for the girl version of her dad's name. You know... those typical "You are named Allena because your father's name is Allen". Or "Julianna to Julian", that type of thing. And I wanted something very girly, not overly unique (growing up with the name Keshia has brought me no harm, but not one teacher in school could pronounce my name correctly!), and definitely not a name with an "alternative" spelling (ie: Ashlee, Jassyka, Mishell). And we decided on a very simple and girly name :) Very happy.

Well... I initially wanted Lulu, but D said it was too weird, so I named my ukelele Lulu instead :(

No babies coming soon. Not even if I wanted it. We still haven't got our lives settled yet and I sure don't want to be living in my current home when I usher in my kid. It's too small and inconducive. House hunting is great fun, but there's not one place I really want to live in (within my budget of course) that can provide a good yield and ROI.

But that's an entirely different subject matter!


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