Wednesday, January 23, 2008


oooooooo nasty!
witnessed one in tesco recently...

they were two black women so i heard alot of "oh no you di'ent!" and "get out of line! get. out. of. LINE!"


fighting about cutting line or something like that?
i just stood there like woah my first black woman catfight scene!
yeah so the dumbfounded me just stood there and stared.
thank goodness they both didn't ask me what i was staring at, because what i was doing SOOOOO wasn't cool. i just kept staring. HAHA

i love catfights.
maybe because i never lose :-)

kidding? ;-)


DonovanChanJianWen said...

heheeh can you describe the cat fight? like you know hair pulling?
ripping of clothes? etc etc =P

estherlauderlyn said...

hahahha jian wants details!! but no lah i dont think they'd pull each others hair and like smack and slap each other in front of public like that OVER A QUEUE, right? .... right?

PEtriNa said...

I wish i was theeeeeere! I wanna see the fight alsooooo!

You should have clapped hands once they were done fighting. hehhehehe...

keShia* said...

no lah it wasn't anything physical! it was just VERY loud :S

loud until almost the whole row of cashiers were silent and everybody looking at them kinda thing :\

they WERE pushing and shoving though! haha..

petrina: don't dare! they look super ganas seriously. black women from England are a bit more scary than black women from the US i reckon? it's the accent, i say. the accent :(

shawn said...

darn it, where's the fight when there isnt any action!? hehe =P

jiameei said...

HAHHAHAHA why did you stare! Later they drag you into then how! Scapegoat hurhur

keShia* said...

jiameei: hoiyoh yeahlah scapegoat. super scared they will look at me but i couldn't help it la! i just kept staring hahaha.. but i faster faster walk away when the manager came along heheh.. so i THINK everything was settled.

i mean like duh right. just a stupid line.. pffbt. :D