Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sweeney Todd!

i cannot wait to watch Sweeney Todd!
i love Tim Burton films!!
this show i wouldn't mind spending a little bit MORE on :D

so dark, so twisted, so fantastical, so deviant, so haunting
yet calming, assuring, entertaining, whimsical and free

if you don't already know what it's about.. let me clue you in just SLIGHTLY
it involves cannabalism and meat pies :D
ooooooo yummy? :D

Sweeney Todd! :D
Johnny Depp! :D
Tim Burton! :D

edit: here's the trailer to uhm, drool over :D

aaaaaah can't wait!


Schmae said...

you HAVE to watch Sweeney Todd! :D
I just watched it on Sunday night with absolutely no idea that it was a musical, no idea that it involved cannibalism or even meat pies! :/

I was quite disturbed after that man haha. But yeah! Eventho its gonna be slightly more $$, its super worth the watch! :)

You busy ke? So little updates already wan? :(

keShia* said...

wah no fair you watched d!!!!
eh it's more exp? as in.. the ticket price for THIS show is more exp??? wah how can!

but was it worth it?

just by the LOOKS of the trailer made it look like it's definitely worth at lest 15 ringgit! i mean, i'd pay 15 ringgit to watch it! or even 3 pounds! heheheh :D

busy? hehe.. kinda sorta? will tell you the next time i see you online hehe :D
btw you so popular, got SO many anons want to be JUST LIKE YOU hee hee

Schmae said...

no la. i meant it will be more $$ for you to watch it in pounds. BUT you MUST go and watch okay!

i think its so worth it, drew and i are gonna catch it the second time soon haha. :p

wah wah secret-nye. :p haha. haiyor popular what la. ask what i'm wearing from head to toe, tell me how am *I* gonna look myself now? :( Sheesh.

kayjen said...

man i wanna watch it. but all 18 rated movies in m'sia are super censored. you tell me what's the point of rating it 18 if you gonna censor the whole thing :( haihhh.

keShia* said...

shengmae: AGAIN?! eh don't tease me lah, i just MISSED the opportunity to watch last tuesday :( BOOOOOOO. sigh. soon maybe, SOON! rarh. i REALLY wanna watch!!

hahaha, oh yea hor.. how are YOU going to look like you now? maybe you should just give false info. or give real one, and totally change EVERYTHING you own. and send her in another frenzy HAHAHA :D

kayjen: it's 18 SX or PL or what? WHY ON EARTH IS IT RATED 18 in the first place!!!! tsk -_- 'tis such a great movie it should NOT be rated 18. maybe like 15 or something. cos it's gruesome :S but other than that, it's all goood :D cmon!!! JOHNNY DEPP!!!!!!!

sigh :\
oh yea and proff snape hee hee :D