Monday, January 21, 2008


have decided to cut out ALL links!

they used to serve ME more than they serve anyone because this is my navigation page. but now that i've typed every single usual page-hopping venues into my address bar, why rely on the sidebar now? :)

so all you people who come in here.. there's no way out!!
of course there's the x button and you typing another address in the address bar :)
but awh..... stay la :) want la :)

wanna know why i really did it? :)))))) ?
not telling :)

plus, it looks kinda hectic :x

yeah that's the same reason why i don't have a chatter box too. people talk too much shit these days. yeah. conceited too! pffbt.

soon. this blog is going to reduce reduce reduce, and all you'll see is the header. HAHA. right.
not funny also. why i laugh -_- tsk.

another day i say!
another day to pay
a listen to what lecturers say!
and keep my words at bay...
and hope for sunshine's ray...

i give up.
i got nothing.
i want to be hot :(
you know... like smokin hot :(

gnite ya'll

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