Sunday, January 20, 2008

Nostalgia for A Bit

if any of you were to have followed my blogging since 2003, you'd know the evolution of it all. and quite frankly. how i USED to express myself was very weird and.. childish... not to mention lovestoned and whiney HAHA.

an extremely ugly and FAT f4 ugly pic.
obviously made uglier when contrasted with a hot specimen like stefenie tan la like duh i mean cmon -_-

yeah back to the point...
i was always vague.

so let me tryyyyyy to relive my teenage memories and talk bout something vague!


cannot la :\
dunno how also.
i think i've grown up too much..

btw, a girl's entitled to have her grandiose behaviour every once in a while right? right? tell me i'm not crazy because right now i just want to show that one person up and really give it to her and let her know who's walking that runway.

leave her in utter astonishment and have her dramatically gostan and fall over herself and expose her big bumbum because of an embarrassing upskirt.

\|/(>o<)\|/ <----- look like roar anot?

why am i so childish.
so much for having to grow up la hor :\
ergh. sorry kenot help it.

and BY THE WAY! i have a supporter about my last last (last last?) post! the pissy one. hehe. it's good to know i am not the only one who has the same sentiment. by the way, she's also going into the same field as i am :D

you know, i can never spell "piece" properly?? it's always has to be corrected because of the red squiggly lines underneath the word. i usually FIRST spell it as "peice", you see. but i've found a way to over come it!

this is how:
you usually have a piece of PIE. so therefore, you have a PIEce of it! :D
oh tell me i am not clever because clearly, i AM!
ho ho ho

i spent today just watching youtube. all about singing. i have come to the conclusion that Rihanna is indeed not human because eventhough she cannot sing, she has a vibrato. oh and her body is damn hot. and i've also subdued to the fact that Beyonce is.. in another level. i can never reach a fraction of her vocal range.

it only leaves me in such a puddle of mud :(

oh and i take back my previous personal views on Brooke Fraser when i thought that she's the kind of guitarist that cannot really play, depends alot on the capo and is only able to strum in the key of G and E like Michelle branch. i was sadly mistaken.

i now aim to TRY to have softer and sweeter sounding voice because i am starting to sound like a man who's trying to sing like a woman.

/cry T.T

potatoes for dinner tonight yummeh. short word for potato is "potes"
now i'm not going to copywrite that word because everybody's trying to be a copywriter pffbt.

tmrw marks the 4th month i've been in England (aaaah!). to celebrate (or mourn), we're going to make nasi goreng sambal belacan and eat it with cucur udang. i think... who are "we"?

"eh don't take laaa!"
these 2 leng luis plus me lohh

and anwari
anwari will know what to do. he always does. he's like our chef wan because ... it is so.
see he's so busy all the time, finding out what to do :D

anwari is going to make cucur udang! but don't know what else to eat with it because.. because. anwari knows what to do. so we rely on him when it comes to feeding us during that time of the month hehehehehe. he knows what to do mah :D


it seems stuck at this very odd length! in about a month, it will mark ONE YEAR of having my hair been cut to a very despicable length. and STILL it is THIS SHORT! tskkkkk! my hair usually takes a year to grow bank into it's original length but look where it is now! it's still baby! BABY!!!!!!

but boy does my hair look thick here hehehe

i want money T.T


chajjye said...

hehe. i wanted to do that also. just that i dont take pictures last time. nothing much to nostalgia about.

i mean. got lah.

come to think of it, i do think sometimes my writing back in 2004 was just so.



daniel said...

wah 4 months only ah :(

Schmae said...


hehehehe. haha.

Wenzz said...

Hahahaha babe you're super amusing lah. Everytime I read your blog I feel like you're talking to me coz you blog exactly the way you speak. :D

keShia* said...

bekah: yeah. don't think we could be the "us" BACK THEN. it's... too different. we know too much of NOW to be who we were BACK THEN. hmm!

daniel: ya. the first 2 months seemed pretty fast.. then it kinda slowed down, didn't it? :( boo

shengmae: ho ho ho! ahha.. what you ho ho ho ing about! hee hee :)

wen ni: hehe yeah. can't seem to write as flamboyant as i want. wait lah maybe one day when i'm like.. deep in thought and the literature side of me kicks in then MAYBE i can type like you when you blog. seriously, your england amat powderful oh!

ionStorm said...

what's wrong with the F4 pic? you look quite pretty beside stef what... -__-"