Saturday, February 16, 2008

Talking To Myself..

i can't seem to type fast anymore :\ ! why ah! i realised it when i logged on to iSketch (favourite destressing online game) and i can't seem to type the correct answer fast enough even though i know the answer!!!!! i also keep having typos :(


my hair very little la :(
why ah!
my dad's fault la. my mom has a lot of hair neh.
i can't wait for it to grow out longer so i can perm it to give it some.. body! :D


i keep forgetting to put moisturiser before i sleep! my skin is now so sensitive and so dry that whenever i squat to pick up something random from the floor, my skin stretches but has no elasticity so it's painful! or itchy. ROAR. tonight! must remember tonight!


har har! bought new detergent!
and a nice smelling one too, at that! the previous one was like eco-friendly, biodegradable and all that shuhzzam, but not nice smell one! so this time i bought a purple coloured one (so i assumed smell like lavender or something), and on the packaging said it's 2x more concentrated than any normal detergent so i bought it. because i'm moving out in may so i dowan to lug it with me ma..

but the joke's on me again cos it doesn't smell all that much nicer cheh.


oh yea my new fluffy pillow :D

see how B I G and fluffy it is??? hee hee. the one behind it is the normal pillow i've been sleeping on and the one in front of it (with the old old cina aunty pillowcase) is my baby bantal with the name... uh. hahahah. dowan say la. so kiddy. but it's followed me EVERYWHERE since i was 8 and i'm not about to leave it anywhere else.

it will follow me into marriage!


i've been eating mangoes :)
and tomyam


oklah sien i go watch south park now



Schmae said...

eh eh! drew eats his mangoes like that too! i'd just slice off the skin and hold the whole mango with two hands :D so gelojoh la myself :p

wahh! the tom yum looks sooo good! you made it yourself?

keShia* said...

yea nice ma cut like that! like so... creative wahaha.. konon :)

wah you eat the WHOLE mango and hold it with 2 HANDS O_O??
hahaha... i think i got it wrong, but the mental imagery is hillarious! hahahaha

and yes homemade! but with the shortcut tomyam paste la of course. i not so keng heheh

PEtriNa said...

MUST make it a habit to put lotion every time right after bathing!

I always think that our body absorbs stuff better after bathing cause our pores all terbuka edi.

So put after bathing. Everyday. Must must must!


And i don't like Nivea. So don't use Nivea. haha...

And i eat my mangoes like that also :)

ionStorm said...

Cannot type fast means getting old edi!! Bwahahah...I so straightforward. :P

keShia* said...

petrina: yeaaaaaaaaa :( must must must :( i keep forgetting.. or even more siong- i get LAZY! kenot kenot. need to start taking care of skin liao :(

nivea nice smell what! hahaha :)

yeah mango eat like that nice ma :) special ok hehehe

ewe jin: eh! you also old what, but you don't complain! therefore, it is the numbness that i feel. or i dunno. lack of practice haha