Friday, April 18, 2008

I've been thinking...

of posting a whole series of "how-to"s for make up
i've been compiling little little things that can help make your make up last longer la, make your what what better la, help you do this that this that better la bla bla bla la..

yea all that. don't wanna reveal to much YET! hee hee
just simple beauty tips that i've learnt over the past 3 years or so.
and especially for oriental eyes (kecik lagi sepet!), i feel it's important to be able to dress it up properly especially when you have that special occasion.

nothing heavy, nothing too fancy. my "skills" have not reached that far although my recent attempts did not look TOOOOOO bad? or so i think, mweehee!

but it really depends on whether or not the readers are interested. if not when they load my page they get bored and go "oh another make up thing" hehaha :)
also, having a series of things to post about helps me focus and not talk so much nonsense all the time! i dunno, what do you think?

i won't claim i'm a make up guru, but i WILL claim that I KNOW how to apply make up :D hehehe, the distinct diff is that my lessons are for the lay people, those who cannot afford expensive products like MAC or Bobbi Brown or even Stilla (not even going to mention chanel and l'oreal prof and maybeline pro blablabla).

part of me is hesitant, because it's like giving your secret recipe away or something like that. not like i'm earning a living with my skills la, but i feel like it's stripping me off my one personal skill hehahaha, bleeh ;p

ok tell me :)

decided against it. everybody suddenly talking about makeup. tak yah la, i keep it to myself hehe :) ok bye!


daniel said...

haha your secret loh :)

keShia* said...

daniel: hahah! yes indeed :)