Saturday, April 19, 2008

Yakking Yakking

today's my first ever time running up and down uni corridors from the student office and library in the quest of stapling my assignment's receipt and handing it in ON TIME. tsk.

wasn't last minute laaaaah.
just walk very slow, so made up for time heh!


i saw an old pic of my form 5 class!
yuck is all i have to say.
stupid school administration did the stupidest thing...
to clump us all together like that.
honestly, what were they thinking! pffbt.

don't matter no more because i'm in uni and i'm doing pretty darn okay.


yeah and so it is time for me to be really serious.
no more mucking around...
i don't know if i have been, but i think i need to step it up.
i'm going home in less than 5 months, and i'm more than halfway through
so i might as well make the best of it.
me you both :)


i'm being mocked right in front of me.
the silly girl doesn't think i know..
with her darlings and babes and any other endearing name you can think of.
she's mocking me.
she really is.
but it's not me who's doing badly, so i'm not all that concerned.
as Ming Zi puts it: "think of them to feel better about ourselves"
yeah. perfect.


i miss my brother.


sensations lime crisps are the best in the world.
they are THE best. why do any other company even bother hehe
oh yea, and so are doritos. shites, those are the bomb seriously!

oh yea, pringles here not nice one.
not like they are any nicer at home la, but since its more affordable here...
i'm saying it's not that nice.

vote sensations!


alar, my bag i bought from eBay still not here :(
it's the 14th day since dispatch.
it said 10-15 days! :(
but until now (._.) <--- eh my disappointed face quite cute hor!
nehmind, wait till monday!


God says,
"I have loved you with an everlasting love;
I have drawn you with loving kindness.
I will build you up again..."
Jeremiah 31:3

sounds perfect.


i have a love affair with dark chocolate.


spring chickened out and let winter bully her. i tell you this spring memang no backbone. until now also dowan to show up. winter also. super laggy. when it's time for her to be known, she dunno doing what. now that she's missed her time, she go steal it from spring.

summer better be bitchy.
nobody cares about fall pffbt.


i like cat fights
oooooooooo, yes i do


ok la sleepy time,



shawn said...

Eh, i dont see you in the picture also...

and wow, Jeremiah 31:3, Nice very nice... never really heard that one before =P

foongmei said...

agreed. jeremiah 31:3 =)

keShia* said...

shawn: hee hee, i look SO different, that actually you won't recognise me :S which is better also lah hee hee!

and yes, it's a really nice verse! makes you feel so wanted and loved :)

foongmei: glad it blessed you then :)

raquel :) said...
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raquel :) said...

hewow :)
such a loooooong entry...
did a glance through becos i didnt have time to read it ALL..
caught sight of "ebay" word and... you always buy stuff on ebay? :D
I'm sorta addicted to it atm...
Btw, how are you doing? Missing home?
Anyway, I MISS YOU girl. Hope you're going fine. Take care!
God bless *hugs*

keShia* said...

raquel: i take it that you're rachel lee? hahaha i'm not sure but uhm, OKAY! hehe

no la i don't buy stuff there often. ONCE only. daniel does it more. he's hooked! hee hee

ya maybe i'll get to see you this year? i dunno, let's see! :D

raquel :) said...

ah yes, it's rachel lee :D hahahahha... take care and see you soon! *hugs*