Monday, June 23, 2008


Compensation, the defense mechanism that almost everybody partakes in.
I have many psych students reading this, so I'm a tad bit pressured to get all my facts right, but I can't be bothered to go look at my textbook, so I'm just running all of these from the top off my head.

Most people obviously feel some sort of lack in their life right? Having these "lacks" compensation just means to cover that lack up by having a very very strong drive to achieve in another aspect. Of course, some people don't only have the drive... they actually achieve and excel. Like how maybe some closet homosexuals who are ashamed of their sexual orientation (due to the social pressure they face on needing to be a heterosexual), constantly work out and body build because it's a very "manly" thing to do. Or they study real hard, and be good in what they do. Well, basically... anything to distract others from that "lack".

I was just thinking. That must be hard. We all have lacks, and we compensate it by trying so hard to be good at other things so that people won't notice our flaws.

Very few people will accept us for who we are. Very few people will still love you despite your oddity. But some don't have that few people.

I have no point to this.
I'm just jotting down random things in my head.
It's just a distraction from doing research for my dissertation. pffbt.


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