Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Romance is Dead

I'm beginning to be a big skeptic when it comes to romance. No, don't be confused. Being sweet is not the same as being romantic. Romantic means to totally sweep her off her feet, to mystify her beyond words, leaving her only to gasp for air in glee.

Of course, I'm not talking those heroic save-you-from-bandits-thus-you-are-the-damsel-in-distress kind of feats (aiyo, typing with hyphens instead of space damn hard oh wtf), but how about simple things like buying flowers for her on any random day, and not because it's some occasion, but literally just-because. Whatever, don't say flowers are meant to be bought and then watched to wither, but then again that's the whole point of flowers, isn't it? No girl detests flowers, not unless she is allergic to it.

Why do the men always say "nevermind" when it comes to doing things that may seem a little flamboyant? Is it really that emasculating to go the extra mile?

Romance is not a disposition, it is not planning, neither is it an idea.
It is unique, and is not able to be classified into any category or examples.
It is just. Call it a state of mind, if you like.

Times are hard on romance these days. And women don't make it any easier on the men to BE romantic, you have to admit. Women these days expect and want the best, the highest, the most expensive, the most entertaining, the most most most most everything lah. Women seem to be so easily discontent with objects that come in form of gifts. Get something also not happy, must nit pick and say it's not big enough, not sparkly enough, not shiney enough..We have Madonna to blame for it, pffbt. Women also don't want to be caught acting the fool so they just expect everything to be a surprise, and then end up being disappointed because she wasn't surprised and that her man wasn't clever enough!

With women being so picky, and men being more cowardly and lazy by the minute, no wonder it's dead!

Not all romance is dead. No I hope not. But nothing's really convinced me otherwise just yet.That being said, I'm not a romantic person... Although I'd like to be. But I'm going to try to not make it hard for him :)


siaomeen said...

dih has been saying.. good morning, good night and i love you each day without fail since.. 17 months ago..
and i find that gila romantic la..

keShia* said...

siaomeen: Aww :) Happy for you la <3 :))))