Thursday, July 24, 2008

PMS Ranting.

first of all! pms does NOT only affect your mood.
IN FACT, it affects your skin, and your body, and the SHAPE of your body.
ALSO, it affects the way you talk, and your food intake. NOT ONLY THAT! it affects your sleeping patterns.
ON TOP OF ALL THAT, you are hypersensitive.

but nooo..
none of that affects me *beams*
can you see i'm lying?

so maybe i need to ramble before i go to bed, or else i'll wake up cranky and annoyed for one reason or the other... or none. because that is what pms does to you! it never ends! it starts when you're a freaking kid, and continues till the day you die!

when you are fertile, you get PMS. AFTER the notions of pms, when you no longer need it; you get menopause. after adjusting to menopause, you adjust to the creaks of OLD life. then you die.


what fun ?!

MEN, on the other hand... i reckon they have it easy. oh c'mon. they don't have them raging hormones UP TILL THE DAY they reach 50 now do they? (IF lah they even have raging hormones at that age!). the most stressful thing they could EVER go through is the pressures of performing during sex. other than that, it's nothing. i mean, if you're going to count the stresses of proposing, girls have the stress of WAITING for the darn proposal! although they do NOT complain (hee hee). OH.. and if you say that they have the heavy burden of being the sole breadwinner of the family, how can you discount the fact that women work too?? oh, and the stresses bout being a father? pffbt!!! yes, pffbt!! i say to you! women have to be bloated for a freaking 9 months and spend 9 or MORE taunting hours just TRYING to pop the little baby out of their tummies.

men get it easier.
it would only be fair if men get PMS too.

BUT HORRRR... if they had pms too, the world would come to an end! seriously! at any one time on earth, everyone would be bickering, and be affected about how bloated they are, and be complaining that their skin isn't smooth enough, or that they need to eat MORE than they already consume. OH! and we must not forget that if men had pms too, they might be more dangerous. why? because they have physical strength to go with the emotional highs and lows. can you just imagine? the toaster will fly TWO TIMES further if they threw it! in comparison to our handbag pushing and shoving of things around the house, their wrath would yield more damage! physical damage. heh.

i can almost hear someone screaming in my head, "are you quite done?!"


i want to complain, whine, wail about how i'm in SUCH a terrible state due to whatever circumstances! i am not feeling the way i want to feel, and the fact that nothing is certain except death is not helping!!!111oneone. it is also because i read this girl's blog and totally HATED the way she kept complaining and whining about how terrible her life is, and i got so annoyed. RUBBING and working the salt into my ego and .... pride as well, with some of the things she said... i want to complain JUST like her and... and.. and... get away with it. but i have not the guts to be stoned and poked at for not being the perfect role model... and then i'll be dragged into a room to be counseled and lectured about a topic called the-lack-of-tactfulness-in-wanting-to-express-my-frustrations.


i would feel a whole lot better if i had someone to poke or to be sarcastic at. but i've recently gone through my archives and realised what a bitch i was for doing that. but nonetheless, i kinda understand why i did it. it is PARTLY because they ARE such.... okay wtv*. and because they aren't angels and are doing things deliberately to either annoy me, or are just -that- daft. secondly, it felt really good. cos i felt like i was the victim (although there was thrice i really was the victim, maybe more) and then i'd feel like i was vindicated after posting semi-nasty stuff bout them on my public space. and also because sometimes it does feel nice to slack a little.

okay okay okay,
i'd rather be polite, and have a clean conscience than to live with the fact that i'm so shallow and childish to be ranting about people on a public web space (like, omg) *rolls eyes*. oh well. if you made it this far, i congratulate you.

oh gosh, it feels so good to whine and complain because i haven't been doing just that in eons! there is always something else to tend to, or to take care of. at this point, you must be thinking "oh geez, she's such a whiney person"... well, yeah. just no excuse :)

just don't layan me la. i don't expect anyone to, you know. i think in a way, i'm almost just like that bimbo who got with my close friend. but then i was told i am being VERY biased (the information to which i agreed to);

i like being mean..... sometimes. except i do not verbally do it to people. and then smile so sweetly to everyone else......... or do i? hm.

i'm so two-faced, it kills me... sometimes.

i think what i need is...
that's what i need.


Kevin said...


might not see you for awhile, so this'll have to do.. take care =)

keShia* said...

kevin: tenkiu tengkiu :) catchup soon :)