Thursday, July 24, 2008


This is filed under secret.
The person I'm about to talk about does not read here.
In fact, ... Okay, I better not say any more.
Please do not assume that I may be talking about you.
Thank You.


On that day I was the most upset, you had to be you. You- the sarcastic, witty and god-honest person that you are so proud of.

You told me, right in my face about how your friend dated for 6 years, and planned to marry, blah blah blah didn't make it because of LDR. Or something like that.

What hurt the most was that you said it was because we were too young.


Hi, excuse me, you're pretty old yourself, but your age is not the determining factor whether a relationship will work out or not! How could you look at me and tell me almost so unforgivingly, and tell me to my face that it wouldn't work out, but all the best.

Gee thanks, but look who's the miserable one now?


It's the time of the month! >:-(
I hope it'll come before I fly off.
But Murphy's Law seems to be very attracted to me, so I guess I'm going to get it on the plane.

I IS ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
boo sama England's erratic weather.