Thursday, October 28, 2010

Grey Contacts

Bought these suckers a while back, but have been using the brown ones first. Popped open these about 2 weeks ago, and the colour isn't as... terserlah. How to say? Can't find the right English word. Uh, it's not as STRIKING as the brown. But it goes much better with BLACK BLACK eyeliner.

Little beauty enhancements make me happy. I'm so shallow. Don't judge me T_T

Have been using Estee Lauder's black eyeliner, but it's not very long lasting, and neither is it black enough for my liking. Might try MAC's Smoulder. Wait till this one runs out first.

Skin's been healing up good. But STILL the photo's been retouched. You know, cos I'm vain. Akakaka.

I'm a little bit turbulent on the inside right now. Need to be still for a bit.

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