Friday, November 01, 2013

My Week in Pictures

Perhaps I'll start a new segment/tag for this.

"My week in pictures" will encourage me to do more interesting things, and dress up to look better because y'know... it's gonn' be put up in the public!

Tried a new recipe for cookies last evening. They turned out well! Just need to have confidence that soft limp cookies straight out of the oven will eventually firm up and turn into decadence after it's cooled down :)

These have nipples! 

My go-to colour for a nail perk-me-up. I think of it as coffee for my nails. 
It's a deep red under-layer (by e.l.f.) with OPI's "Let Me Entertain You" as a finish. I like the dimension it gives and the sparkle it has :)

Curled my hair harriedly in the morning before work because I decided I want to have big hair for a change!

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