Saturday, March 13, 2010


I came online needing to attach an important work file to my boss before the day is over.

I came into my room, turned on my laptop.
Sat on my Ikea swivel chair and waited for the computer to start up and load everything it needed to. Then I saw that it was not connected, and then it took some time to connect, bla bla bla... After everything was done, I opened up Chrome and started waiting for my Gmail to load. Then I clicked on my other home tabs and browsed through the numerous status updates on facebook. Youtube was also loading and I watched a couple of Ray William Johnson (HE'S AWESOME!) videos, some make up tutorials, you know.. the youtube works.

Then emails started popping up from Facebook and I commented on some photos! My friend had just uploaded some studio shots of her wedding album and OMG they look gorgeous! She looked stunning! Make up really does wonders! Her eyes were perfect, her lips so perfectly lined and glossed... Sigh. Her dresses were amazing as well! One in particular-- the red one. Ahh, the fun of being a bride.

And then I got a call from D saying he wants to come over and so OK! :) He's on his way and on the slope.

I then got kinda bored and decided to write something on the blog, and now I just remembered..
I'm supposed to send an important work email to my boss -_-

Sigh.. and to think, I haven't even signed into my work email account yet.



brett said...

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priscilla said...

ooh this sounds so familiar!

you switch on the comp with a task in mind but do everything except for that task. grr.

can't blame the offices for banning facebook and youtube and all. =p

shereen said...

bizarro :) *hearts*

Yearning Dreamer said...

PROCRASTINATION. This be the end of me

keShia* said...

Procrastination be the end of everybodyyyyyyy..

Micha Midnight said...

Hahahaha. That was great. Actually, it is exactly what I am doing right now. Oops.

keShia* said...

Hehehe, got on with work NOW! :)